Studio Dimension:
Live room: 22′ X 17′
Dead room: 10′ X 7′
Control room: 14′ X 10′

CAD Maxcon 2 (36 input)

Mic Pre’s and EQ
2 channel Chandler TG2, 2 channel Neve (dan alexander) 1073 clone, 2 channel Neve (7 circles) 1172 clone, Universal Audio 6176, 8 channels of vintage Yamaha PM-1000 class A channel strips w/ EQ, Joe Meek VC-10, HHB Radius Fat Man 2, Orban multiband parametric EQ, 8 channel presonus m80

Urei 1176, Universal Audio 6176, 6 channels of DBX 166, Joe Meek VC-10, 2 RNLA leveling amps, 2 channel Orban 414A

Lexicon PCM60, Lexicon PCM81, Yamaha spx-90, Korg SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay, Yamaha E 1005 analog delay, Roland SRV-3030 Reverb, Tapco Spring Reverb, DOD R-870 Stereo Flanger/doubler, a bunch of pluggins, loads of sweet guitar pedals……

Neuman U87, Studio Projects T3 Tube Condensor, 2 sennheiser 421’s, 2 Cascade Fathead Ribbon Mics, Audio Technica 4047, AKG C4000, Shure SM-7, Electro Voice RE-20, 4 Shure SM57s, Shure Beta 52, AKG D12, 2 Rhode NT-5, 2 Audix F15s, 3 Audix F10s, Audix F12, Sterling ST55 Condensor

Yamaha NS-10m, Mackie HR824

Mac Pro 2.66ghz Quad-Core running OS X 10.6, Lynx Aurora 16, Logic Pro 9, Protools 9, Ableton Live 8, 2 Motu MicroExpress MIDI interfaces, 100 plus Gig Orchestra Sample Station,

Instuments and Amps:
Wurlitzer 200, Korg MS-20, Roland Juno 60, Red Square modular analog synth, Korg Poly Ensemble, Yamaha DX7, Akai AX-60, 70’s Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM 2000 head and Cab, Ashdown Bass Magnifier, Yamaha Studio Kit, Rogers Kit, Ludwig snare, Gretch Snare, Yamaha Vibraphone Gibson Artist Series Guitar, Fender American Telecaster, 1979 Ibanez Ibanez studio bass, Vintage “Custim Built” bass, a Rad handmade custom acoustic guitar

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